The dire need for the establishment and operation of a school of the caliber of Saim Christian High School in the community cannot be overemphasized. Saim Christian High School firmly believes that a true school is not merely a place where certain information is given, certain lessons are learned and certain activities are carried out, bit it is significantly a dynamic agency for the improvement of the community of which it is a vital part. Saim Strong declares that the profound yet plain message of the Holly Bible is the only valid foundation for the best philosophy of education and the highest quality of education provision. The Holy Bible is the authentic revelation of the Word, will and way of God for the accomplishment of His eternal purposes, one of which is the salvation of sinners. Hence the serious demand on all people who were created in His image to obey the Word of God and serve Him in holiness as the fundamental purpose of life. It is for the above reasons; therefore, that Saim Christian School has boldly opted to incorporate Biblically authentic principles living into its curriculum structure and process for the benefit of the community

the principal awarding a student at the school.

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